Direct Access

Direct access can be offered for diagnostic procedures in selected patients.

In general, the indication for the procedure must be straightforward and the patient must be suitable from a general medical perspective. Suitable patients must have a good airway. The airway should be assessed using the Malampatti score. A suitable airway is indicated by the ability to visualise at least part of the soft palate when the patient opens their mouth widely  with out vocalising or yawning.


Grades 1-3 are suitable. The patients overall suitability can be assessed using the ASA system (image on right). ASA class 1 and 2 patients are suitable for direct access.


Patients with Grade IV airways and/or ASA 3 or higher and/or On Warfarin/other anticoagulants or Insulin should be assessed by the Consultant Gastroenterologist in a clinic setting prior to the endoscopic procedure.


Direct Access Endoscopy Procedures

You can refer patients by e-mail: or fax 0906400100 or use our referral form below.

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The patient is aware that the onus is on the patient to confim cover with their insurer. If a service is provided and cover is subsequently denied by the insurer the patient will be liable for the full amount. Self payers must pay before procedure. Cash, Cheque, VISA and MC accepted.
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